About us

We are a very proudly, Australian owned, Gold Coast based sporting goods business, on a mission to help athletes achieve their maximum potential – by getting the best sporting tools into their hands.  

We are passionate sporting enthusiasts who have spent our lives playing, coaching, and administering sport. We have been players at state and national level; coaches and committee members at local clubs; coaches of national teams and corporate executives of State and National bodies. 

We have experienced sport from all angles, at all levels. We know the passion it incites, the fun it creates, the memories it makes, the bonds it forges and the community spirit it develops.

Played as an individual or as part of team, sport is about giving it your all. It’s about leaving it all out on the field and working hard to be the best version of yourself.

And that is what drives us at Bazooka sports. Whatever product we put our name to, we want it to be the best of its kind in the market. As the athlete is working to be the best they can be, we want our equipment to support and enhance that journey.

We love sport, we love Australia and we love helping athletes – of all abilities – achieve their dreams.